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Dear Journalists,

In order to be sent the latest information and press releases please fill in this form and click on “Send”.

After showing your journalist ID card or other editorial ID you can collect your press card in the trade fair press centre, which is located in the Foyer of the Industrial Palace, always during fairs.

If you want to visit our trade fairs with a colleague, you need to have separate accreditation for them (“+1” cannot be accepted).

Journalist accreditation is not transferable and Incheba Expo Praha reserves the right to carry out any checks.


By completing and submitting this form I agree to be included in the database of ABF EXPO PRAHA spol. s r.o. I also give consent for the company to use my contact details, under Section 7 of Act no. 480/2004 Coll., to distribute its commercial messages via electronic means.




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