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Final report of the spring INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE!


The INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE 2016 spring fair of cosmetics and hairdressing was traditionally held in the spirit of health and beauty, as the best beauty experts took care of visitors in the historical Industrial Palace in Holešovice on April 22 and 23.

This year the fair welcomed several celebrities. One of them, the renowned dentist MUDr. Roman Šmucler, CSc. even gave a talk here. Interbeauty Congress Prague, which was originally intended for professionals, has also become popular among the general public. Šmucler then praised the fair for also thinking about visitors’ health, as well as beauty, and for considering the topic comprehensively. “Artifi cial fertilisation, new breasts and teeth. Those are just some of the procedures that thousands of foreigners come to the Czech Republic for. It’s not just the reasonable prices that clinics offer, people are mainly attracted by the good standard of care that our professionals provide. INTERBEAUTY CONGRESS PRAGUE was a really great success.”

The actress Daniela Šinkorová pointed out that she has been interested in cosmetics all her life and that it is a great hobby of hers. She loves to feel pampered by professional make-up artists. “It was a great honour for me to come to Interbeauty Prague. I really appreciate these events that have a high standard and that provide not only professionals but also us non-professionals with interesting information about care for the body, skin, hair and nails. If I had to say for myself what I prefer in this area, it would have to be beautifully and perfectly manicured nails.”

Just like last year, Interbeauty Prague 2016 was dominated by the face of the model and singer Jitka Boho: “I myself am a great enthusiast for cosmetics and so it was a great honour for me to be the face of the Interbeauty Prague international fair for the second time. I also get inspiration here, I love following trends and innovations. This year I like that they are recognising naturalness which I myself, as a new mother, prefer. Also I am inspired by everything concerning cosmetics because I myself am a professional make-up artist. At the moment I do make-up for friends, relatives and myself but who knows, maybe some time in the future I will also make a living from this profession.”

Jitka, like many other visitors to Holešovice, witnessed the première of the NYX cosmetic brand which has become popular among young youtubers and in short has managed to dominate the internet. There were literally queues for its products and its traders’ sales were more than enviable. It shows that doing marketing through social networks and then subsequently “live” at trade fairs pays off.

The new strategy of the exhibition’s managers, who this year for the fi rst time sought to also target men, was equally successful. The luxury men’s salon Gentlemen Brothers attracted hundreds of members of the stronger sex through the gates. And because the organisers were more than satisfi ed by heading in this direction we can look forward in the autumn to Interbeauty Prague going in a similar direction.


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