1st year of the fair rational consumption in regions, municipalities and households

2. - 4. 6. 2017


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Economical Household

Motto for visitors: “Come and be inspired”
Motto for exhibitors: “Come to offer solutions and show the way”

The aim of this new fair is to present, in one place, under one roof and with a clearly defined programme embodied in its title, new ways in which households can be economical. There is no other fair focused directly and only on this topic and intended for the general public.

The fair will respond to the current needs nowadays in the use of energy, water, transport and motoring, household equipment, housing and house construction and waste management. It will also cover family finance, catering and leisure. The fair’s priorities will be the sustainable development of society, rational consumption in households, efficient management, and the reduction of costs and expenses. Information and in a broader sense households’ awareness in this area is missing or is insufficient, but mainly it is scattered over various exhibitions or conferences. At those events the emphasis is more on professionals, industrial companies and other businesses, and much less on the general public and specifically households. For example, the conclusions of a recent conference in Paris on climate protection were that it cannot be achieved without the involvement of the general public and households.

Energy, fuels, heating and water management will probably make up the main part of the exhibition. In particular, this will include energy savings, efficient use of energy, reducing energy demands, but will also introduce new trends in the production and use of energy. The decentralised production of electricity in households is beginning to become established, such as in the form of solar power on the roofs of homes, wind turbines, heat pumps and domestic gas cogeneration units.

Another area that should be strongly represented is household equipment, especially energy-saving electrical appliances, but also the purchase of a flat or house, including building materials and the services provided by construction and real estate companies. Another part of the fair should focus on motoring, cars and especially clean mobility, which is also economically beneficial.

The ECONOMICAL HOUSEHOLD fair will also focus on efficient household investments, especially relating to housing, reducing household expenditures when making purchases and running a household, and the overall rational use of funds. Therefore family finances and financial services related to them should be another area that is strongly represented.

The exhibition is designed to offer a wide range of goods and services, as well as to provide the general public with service information, advice, experience, guidance and practical examples for reducing costs and the overall efficient operation of households.

We invite you in June 2017 to the Exhibition Grounds in Prague – Holešovice.

Opening hours: Fri. – Sat. 10.00 – 18.00, Sun. 10.00 – 16.00

We look forward to you!



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