6th interdisciplinary fairs of restoration, finance and utilization

8. - 9. 3. 2018


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Let the past with the future of the fairs

The Exhibition Grounds in Prague Holešovice will offer the fourth year of the unique specialized exhibitions MONUMENTS - MUSEUMS - CRAFTS 2018. Reconstruction of historical files and objects, their financing and current utilization, and also our heritage and the promotion of crafts - these are the topics of the exhibition.

The segment for the regeneration of cultural heritage is, however, a multi-disciplinary theme making it a very broad field. It does not concern just the area of caring for historical buildings/monuments, the rescue and conservation of historical heritage and project planning and construction. It also involves restoration, arts and crafts, the protection and securing of buildings and their parts, equipment and technical infrastructure, fire prevention and protection of buildings and sites, and the wide-ranging issue of the current utilisation of monuments and monument groups, their place in modern environments and the landscape, and many other themes. The interest of non-profit organisations etc. should also not be ignored.
You have the opportunity to become more familiar and know Exhibitor's news.

The subjects that the interesting trade fairs MONUMENTS | MUSEUMS | CRAFTS will try to address, through exhibits or accompanying programmes, are very diverse and broad based. The detailed nomenclature will give an idea of how extensive the scope of the trade fair really is. It is so far the only fair of its type in the Czech Republic.

The trade fairs have received the support from a broad spectrum of interested state organisations and institutions, associations, confederations, church bodies ...

The trade fair is being held under the auspices of: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic; Ministry of Regional Development Czech Republic; National Heritage Institute; The City of Prague; CKAIT - College for Technical Monuments; Archdiocese of Prague; International Council on Monuments and Sites; Czech Technical University Faculty of Architecture; The Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia; Association of Regions CR; Czech Association of Museums and Galleries; National Technical Museum; Federation of Jewish Communities in Czech Republic; Association of Castle owners and Association Grémium Alarm.

Professional Partnership: Institute for Monuments and Culture of the Czech Republic; Guild of Painters and Decorators of the Czech Republic, Guild stove in Czech Republic; Foibos Design.

Responsibility for the trade fair rests with the Trade Fair Committee, the composition of which will ensure a high professional standard of the entire event. At the same time the Incheba Expo Praha team is able to provide high quality preparations and facilities for the trade fairs.

We therefore invite you in March 2018 at the Prague Holesovice Exhibition Grounds, a building which itself is not only the largest exhibit, but also an inspiration for the present and future, particularly in the light of the difficulties surrounding completion of the Hall.

We look forward to your visit!

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